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I don’t usually reblog pics like this, because most of them show a mirror reflection of an extremely obese girl, and I don’t relate to that.
But this picture really fkn gets to me.
The girl in the reflection isn’t fat, but she has fat.
And that’s how I feel.
When I look at myself, I don’t see someone overweight.  I see a girl that has fat on her body.  I’m not fat, but I have fat.
Most images about Anorexia show a deathly girl looking into a mirror and seeing a reflection of a morbidly obese girl.
It is not and has never been that way for me.
I know what fat looks like, and I am not it.
But my flesh is too much, I have fat and it’s too much.
There is too much of me.

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lol the girl in the mirror is a skinny fuck. if you see that your fucked. i hate these kinds of photos because you guys think being a size 12 is gross. try being 14 - 16. yeah you know what? i feel fucking gross. ~ feel free to delete my cunt of a comment.~

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